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Andriy Ruzhynskiy
PhD in Teaching, SIT Certified TESOL Certificate Trainer and Trainer of Trainers

Andriy Ruzhynskiy Andriy Ruzhynskiy is a Senior Teacher at International House Language Center, Kharkiv, Ukraine. In 1984 he graduated with honours from Kharkiv State University, and in 1990 obtained his PhD in teaching. Since then he has taught English and Russian to students from all over the world. Andriy has been Head of the International House, Kharkiv, Modern Languages Department since 2000, and is responsible for training teachers of English, French and German. He regularly takes part in conferences and workshops on teaching techniques and approaches in his country and abroad. Andriyıs work with the SIT TESOL Certificate program started in 2002. He has worked as a trainer on SIT TESOL Certificate courses in Romania (Iasi), Poland (Krakow), and New Zealand (Auckland).

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