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Why should I take the SIT TESOL Certificate Course? The SIT course provides practical training in which the participants develop skills in planning lessons and teaching speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and the culture of English. The workshop sessions are highly interactive and experiential in nature. The course includes planning lessons and teaching fifteen hours of classes to "real" ESOL students. The trainers will observe you teaching and give "hands-on" advice after each session.

What is the difference between TESOL and TEFL? Basically they are the same thing. TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is an umbrella term that includes TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). TESOL is an acronym that is used more by US-based programs and TEFL more by British programs. Most job postings with include one or both TESOL and TEFL. Some postings will list the CELTA as a qualification, a British-based course.

Is the course the same at any site? All courses follow the same curriculum and are taught by trainers trained by SIT. In addition, each course is evaluated by an SIT evaluator who observes the three parts of the program: the workshop sessions, the lesson planning sessions and the practice teaching sessions. The evaluator looks at participantsŐ written work as well. The evaluator ensures that the program is working the way it's supposed to work and that participants are meeting the goals and requirements of the course and should receive their certificates at the end. View a sample schedule.

What kind of people take this course? Participants encompass a broad age range, but many are college age students who are interested in traveling and working overseas. There are also working professionals preparing to enter alternative careers or retirement. Non-native English speakers, with strong English skills, also take the course so they can teach English when they return to their own countries or elsewhere.

What kinds of jobs will I be able to get with this certificate? The certificate is a pre-service credential, which is recognized internationally. This certificate will help you find an entry level position in a language institute or an adult education program domestically or overseas. Most college and university teaching positions, however, require you to have an MA TESOL degree. As a graduate of the program, you will have access to information about ESOL teaching positions world-wide through SIT's Professional Development Resource Center, located on the Brattleboro campus. Global TEFL will also assist by offering job search support, contacting schools and reviewing contracts.

Will SIT's TESOL Certificate enable me to teach ESOL in US public schools? The SIT TESOL Certificate may qualify you for an aide position in a public school ESOL program. However, to teach in the public schools in the U.S., you need public school certification, a process which generally involves an undergraduate degree followed by a period of full-time student teaching in a public school under the direction of a veteran teacher. Specific requirements vary from state to state.

Can I get college credit for the course? The School for International Training does not offer undergraduate or graduate credit for the course, but participants can petition a college or university to recognize the hours spent in the program and issue academic credit. If you are interested in pursuing this option you should check with the registrar's office at whatever college or university you are attending or plan to attend. Can I get CEUs for the course? Yes, 12 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available through SIT for this course. Click here for more information on the SIT website. The SIT TESOL Certificate course is authorized by the Illinois State Board of Education to issue 26 CPDUs for the course offered in Chicago. Ask about this possibility in during the application process.

After I finish the TESOL certificate course, if at a later date, I decide to complete SIT's program leading to a Master of Arts with a concentration in TESOL, is there any special financial aid available for certificate alumni? Yes. SIT certificate holders who enroll in SIT's Master of Arts with a concentration in TESOL program will be given tuition reductions of $2000.

Does everyone who attends the course get a certificate? To receive the certificate at the end of the course you must meet all the program requirements. The requirements are: 1) attend all the program sessions (allowances are made for emergency situations), 2) communicate effectively in written and oral English 3) successfully achieve the goal and objectives of the program, 4) complete all the student teaching requirements, 5) successfully complete all program assignments. Trainers in the course will meet with you at regular intervals to give you feedback on all aspects of your work in the program. You will also do self-assessment and peer assessment as part of your program.

Does SIT offer other programs? Other programs offered by S.I.T. on its campus in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA include: Master in International and Intercultural Management Master of Arts in Teaching SIT Website: www.sit.edu



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