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About the SIT TESOL Certificate Course
The SIT course pervades practical training in which the participants develop skills in planning lessons and teaching speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and the culture of English. The workshop sessions are highly interactive and experiential in nature. The course includes planning lessons and teaching fifteen hours of classes to "real" ESOL students. The trainers will observe you teaching and give "hands-on" advice after each session.

The TESOL Certificate Course addresses three areas
1. Participants explore the relationship between language learning and teaching, which later provides the foundation for their investigation of teaching.

2. Participants plan, teach and assess lessons in the four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), grammar, and culture, through experiential activities, teaching demonstrations, discussions, lesson planning, and readings.

3. Participants put their new knowledge and skills into practice through daily practice teaching sessions. Trainers observe and facilitate feedback sessions after these lessons. From them, participants learn to reflect on and assess their own teaching as well as to learn from the teaching of their peers.



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